UK TV Star On Meghan Markle: ‘I Hate Her’

British television icon Jeremy Clarkson is being lambasted over a column he wrote for The Sun in which he admitted to hating Meghan Markle “on a cellular level.”

The former Top Gear host declared he despised Markle more than serial killer Rose West and First Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon.

In a nod to the famous Game of Thrones Walk of Shame, he wrote that he wants to see her paraded naked through the streets while people throw excrement at her.

He went further, calling out the misconception among “younger people, especially girls, (who) think she’s pretty cool.” Markle, they believe, was a “prisoner” in Buckingham Palace and only allowed to speak of “embroidery and kittens.”

Clarkson expressed his belief that the entire and extremely public separation from the royal family was “pre-planned.” Markle, he said, knew all along that she would be in California and separate from the Royal Family. All the while, she knew she would blame them for her departure.

The celebrity host did not stop there. When Markle has dried up all the revenue sources from her tabloid exploits, Clarkson predicted she will wed a tech billionaire and have a child that will be named “Peace,” “Truth,” or “Love.”

Meanwhile, Harry will be stranded on the West Coast surrounded by young females who blame him for the dissolution of their marriage.

The ostracized royals have laid bare their saga in a six-part Netflix series. The initial three episodes slammed the British media with charges of “racism” in their reporting on the pair.

The tone then shifts over the final three installments as Harry takes aim at Prince William and details how the rift between his immediate family and the royal household grew into a chasm.

The rain of criticism became a deluge in Britain as many took to Twitter to chastise Clarkson for his observations. Cries of “misogyny” and “horrible” poured down on the 62-year-old Grand Tour presenter from celebrities and leftist commentators.

Even his own daughter felt compelled to criticize her father for his stand.

None of this, of course, deterred Clarkson. He said he felt “sorry” for Prince Harry and believed he was being “controlled” by his bride. He added that “everyone who is my age thinks the same way.”