Tudor Dixon Torches Stephen Colbert After His Fake ‘Apology’

Republican candidate for Michigan governor Tudor Dixon took liberal comedian Stephen Colbert to task this week. At issue was his non-apology for questioning the existence of Muslim parent Khalil Othman, who came out in support of Dixon.

The GOP candidate detailed her support from Othman during a debate last month with incumbent Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer. The father left the Democratic Party when he found a book in his son’s school library giving explicit details on sexual relations.

Colbert, never to be confused with a professional journalist or even serious thinker, mocked her story on his program and claimed Othman was “totally made up.”

A little fact-checking would have prevented Colbert’s disinformation since the supporter Dixon described is very real.

It turned out that the comedian denied the reality of a former Michigan Democratic House candidate who recently became disenchanted with his party. That led to Colbert issuing the apology that was not an apology.

Thursday evening, Colbert admitted on his CBS late-night program that it’s a “terrible thing for someone to deny your very existence.” So far so good, but that’s where the apology ended.

The leftist host added, “just ask trans people.” Colbert hedged his acknowledgment that parents have a right to know what their kids see and read by then hurling insults at both Othman and Dixon.

Othman, he claimed, “packed up his toys” and ran from the Democrats in a huff after losing his primary. As for Dixon, Colbert smeared her as an “election-denying, transphobic, COVID-19 conspiracy theorist.”

In a column for the Daily Mail, Dixon skewered Colbert for his position that if a person dares to speak out about sexualized materials in school libraries, that makes them an “anti-trans bigot” to the comedian.

Dixon also mocked the insincere “apology” to her supporter. Othman is one of many Muslim parents in the state who raised strong objections to inappropriate materials in their children’s schools.

The book his son was exposed to was “This Book Is Gay.” It contained graphic detail instructions on homosexual activities. Meanwhile, Dixon clarified that Michigan parents concerned about such books and other serious issues are not a “punchline” or a “joke,” but are real people.