Tucker Condemns Response to Uvalde Shooting: ‘There’s Only So Much BS You Can Take’

Fox News host Tucker Carlson condemned law enforcement for their response ⁠— or lack thereof ⁠— to the mass shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas.

Police response to the horrific tragedy is being scrutinized after it was revealed that the gunman, Salvador Ramos, reportedly was able to barricade himself inside of the building for 30-60 minutes before law enforcement entered the fourth-grade classroom and eliminated the threat. Ramos also fired shots outside of the school for approximately 12 minutes prior to entering the building, according to comments made by Texas Department of Security regional director Victor Escalon during a press conference on Thursday.

During Thursday’s episode of “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Carlson asserted that government officials had “ignored the facts” and “lied” to the American people about what had occurred leading up to and during the mass shooting.

Echoing the sentiments of many Americans, the Fox News host then raised questions as to why it “took so long” for law enforcement to respond to gunfire outside of the school.

“Why did that take so long? That is a fair question, in fact it’s a critical question. Even at the Parkland school shooting when police staged outside as students were being murdered, police wound up inside the building 11 minutes after the shooter,” Carlson said. “But in this case, it was 16 minutes. Why was that? We have a right to know. But today, the police wouldn’t say.”

The Fox News host then played a clip of the press conference held by Escalon, in which he was pressed as to why it took so long for law enforcement to enter the school. He responded by claiming that the department did not have all of the background information to answer that question.

Reacting to the clip, Carlson said though it is difficult to account for everything that happens in a situation like this, officials should be able to answer some questions, including whether there were armed security guards present at the time of the incident.

“You would know right away if it happened or it didn’t,” he said. “It didn’t happen, but they said it did happen. That’s a lie. Why did they lie?”

Carlson then played another video of Escalon, this time claiming that officers were waiting for backup because they needed crisis “negotiators” and the proper equipment to exchange with the shooter.

“No matter how pro-law enforcement you are, and we are, there’s only so much B.S. you can take in the face of a tragedy like this,” the Fox News host said. “We’re waiting for specialized equipment? You have an 18-year-old with a firearm and little kids being killed. What kind of specialty equipment do you need? And negotiators, really? As children are being murdered?”

Carlson then went on to point out various pieces of misinformation reported by the media that initially came from law enforcement sources.

“So, two days after this massacre, authorities are slowly admitting that everything they told us was in fact, untrue. There was no school resource officer, they’re not even sure how the door was barricaded,” he said.

It was initially reported by police officials that Ramos had confronted an armed school resource officer upon entering the school, but Escalon revealed during the press conference that those reports were untrue and that a door appeared to be unlocked.

“It was reported that a school district police officer confronted the suspect that was making entry. Not accurate,” Escalon said. “He walked in unobstructed initially. So, from the grandmother’s house to the bar ditch, to the school, into the school, he was not confronted by anybody, to clear the record on that.”

Beyond mere incompetence and outright failure to act, police also tackled, pepper-sprayed and handcuffed parents who attempted to enter the building to rescue their children while they were too cowardly to do so themselves. One mother, Angeli Rose Gomez, was able to break free from the police and make her way into the school and rescue her two children.