Tucker Carlson Has Just Said What Everyone’s Been Thinking

Anyone who watches Fox News even some of the time is familiar with host Tucker Carlson.

Carlson is one of the most popular anchors on Fox News. His show frequently covers culture wars, political events, and other state of affairs that impact the nation.

Many people who don’t watch Carlson’s show live tune in through Fox Nation or otherwise catch snippets on Carlson’s Facebook and Instagram pages.

As of late, the state of affairs impacting the nation (and world) have pertained to a series of blunders made by Biden overseas.

The president first stated that American troops were scheduled to go into Ukraine. Later, he warned that Russia would be on the receiving end of chemical attacks from the US government. These statements arrived before Putin openly called for the regime in Russia to no longer include Putin.

Each and every one of these statements carry great weight coming from a president. They could also have horrible impacts, such as World War III, in light of the war in Europe.

For this reason, Tucker Carlson has made it clear that Biden must be removed from office by invoking the 25th Amendment, according to the Western Journal.

Carlson on Biden and the 25th Amendment

On Monday, Carlson reminded Americans of the outrageous statements Biden made overseas that could have worsened geopolitical events.

In drawing attention to this, the Fox News host explained that these statements were worsened by Biden coming back to America and then denying having ever said these things.

The president’s denials of the previously mentioned statements occurred when he was grilled on them by Fox News reporter Peter Doocey.

According to Carlson, the combination of all these incidents serve as grounds for Congress to invoke the 25th Amendment and have Biden removed from office. The Fox News host’s call for the 25th Amendment came against the backdrop of another warning.

Biden’s statements in Europe were not just gaffes. Comments about foreign regime change, chemical weapons, and US troop deployments from the president carry a lot of weight and Biden doesn’t seem aware of this at all.

Could Biden’s Ouster Be Coming Soon?

If Democrats lose the midterms as expected and fail to keep their majorities in Congress, there is a very real chance that Republicans could move towards having Biden ousted.

Many Republicans have already said that Biden’s actions in Afghanistan last year, along with his destruction of the US southern border, provide more than enough evidence that he should no longer hold office.

All in all, the outcome of the November midterms will play a huge role in whether or not Biden leaves the White House before January 2025.