Tucker Carlson Calls Out Left-Wing Media For ‘Lying’ About January 6

Fox News host Tucker Carlson called out the left-wing media on Thursday for blatantly “lying” about the Capitol protest on January 6, 2021, and continuing to do so even after their narrative has been proven false over and over again.

Carlson specifically called out news outlets such as CBS News, CNN and MSNBC for their reporting on the protest, as they continuously repeated false claims about the events of that day. One of the most egregious lies from the media was that Trump supporters killed members of law enforcement during the protest — CBS News chief election and campaign correspondent Robert Costa was one of many who repeated that lie, claiming that the so-called ‘insurrection’ killed five officers.

“It’s hard to believe he said that,” the Fox News host said, referring to Costa. “protesters caused the deaths of five police officers. You just heard CBS News tell its viewers that. This must be the big lie theory. The more bewilderingly false a claim is, the most likely you will be to believe it. Apparently, that’s what they’re betting on.”

The problem with the left’s claims is that these officers either died from natural causes or by suicide, and none of them died on the day of the protests. In April of 2021, a medical examiner ruled that Officer Brian Sicknick — who the left initially claimed had died from brain injuries after being struck in the head with a fire extinguisher — died after suffering from two strokes, reportedly unrelated to the protests.

Showing how easily and willingly the media lies to their audience, Carlson played several segments of CNN and MSNBC repeatedly claiming that Sicknick had died from being beaten to death with a fire extinguisher.

“They are lying to you; that is provable,” the Fox News host said. “Not a single person you just saw has apologized for lying. Not a single one.”

Carlson then went on to show footage of Rep. Pete Aguilar (D-CA) claiming that officers had “lost their lives” during the Capitol protest.

“‘Let’s rally around the truth,’ he says as he lies to you,” he said. “May those words burn your tongue, liar.”

The Fox News host also suggested that the House Select Committee investigating January 6 was intentionally hiding hours of surveillance footage, as well as hiding the reason why an alleged perpetrator of the breach — Ray Epps — was removed from the FBI’s Most Wanted List even though he is on tape encouraging the crowd to break the law.

“The January 6 committee will not explain that after a year of millions of dollars and a thousand interviews, they won’t tell us,” Carlson said. “Nor will they tell us how many FBI agents and assets were in the crowd that day and what were they doing there? Why can’t we know that? And why are they still hiding thousands of hours of surveillance footage from within the Capitol? If the point of the committee was to get the truth out there, why can’t we see the tape? Why did authorities open the doors of the Capitol to protesters and let them walk in?”

The Fox News host discussed the motivations behind the Capitol protest and the left’s lies about the protesters gathering in Washington, D.C., because of “white supremacy.” According to Carlson, the real reason the January 6 protesters were angry was due to concerns surrounding the 2020 election, especially voter ID being optional in large states throughout the country and the incidents of vote counting stopping in the middle of the night in some districts.

“A lot of the protesters on January 6 were very upset about that and they should’ve been,” the Fox News host said. “All of us should be. But the Jan. 6 committee ignored all of that completely. Instead, on the basis of zero evidence, no evidence whatsoever, they blame the entire protest on white supremacy.”

Carlson stood up for the protesters, saying that they had a “valid reason” to be angry, as they were concerned that their country was being stolen from them through illegitimate means, though he did not show support for any of the violence perpetrated that day. He criticized President Joe Biden, Democrats, and even some Republicans for their rhetoric against the protesters, including Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), who reportedly told police to shoot more protesters.

“When gas goes to $5 and you say, ‘Buy an electric car.’ When cities become so filthy and so dangerous that you can’t live there. When the economy becomes so distorted that your own children have no hope of getting married and giving you grandchildren. When you don’t care at all about any of that all you do is talk about yourself, nonstop. You might get an insurrection if you behave like that,” he added.