Trump Slams Biden As The ‘Most Corrupt’ And Inept U.S. President 

In an exclusive interview with Breitbart News, former President Donald Trump didn’t hold back in his criticism of President Joe Biden. Trump, the leading GOP candidate for the 2024 presidential race, declared Biden as the “most corrupt president we’ve ever had.”

During the nearly hour-long interview at his golf club, Trump didn’t shy away from highlighting what he sees as the failures of the Biden administration He specifically pointed to the botched withdrawal from Afghanistan, the dwindling economic numbers, skyrocketing inflation and the crisis at the southern border.

“You look at what happened in Afghanistan, you look at inflation, you look at the economy, you look at what’s going on—no, he’s the worst president we’ve ever had in our country. You look at our border. Millions and millions and millions of people are pouring into our country. Nobody knows who they are. But they’re from prisons, from mental institutions, and there are terrorists—and they’re coming in. Millions of people and they don’t know,” he stated.

The former president also recalled his infamous “Crooked Hillary” label during his first campaign for the 2016 election. Now, he is redirecting the term to Biden, claiming it is more fitting for the current president’s actions.

“I took the name off Crooked. We call her Beautiful Hillary now because, you know, that one’s over with and the word Crooked I think was very pertinent,” the GOP frontrunner said. “It was a very good word for Biden. He’s Crooked. He’s the most corrupt president we’ve ever had—and he’s also the worst president we’ve ever had.”

Drawing attention to the allegations of corruption within the Biden family, Trump emphasized that the evidence is becoming increasingly apparent. Republicans in the House and the Senate have been actively investigating the president and his family’s business dealings.

The investigation has uncovered text messages in which Hunter Biden seemingly used his father’s influence for personal gain, raising concerns about potential bribery involving Ukrainian interests during Biden’s tenure as vice president in the Obama administration.

As the 2024 presidential race looms, Trump’s remarks emphasize his position on Biden’s competency. In April, he also called the incumbent president “the single worst president in American history.”

“Joe Biden – the single worst president in American history – is officially running for re-election. Hopeless Joe’s special interest donors are spending MILLIONS of dollars today to launch Biden’s campaign and keep their corrupt puppet in the White House. …But with YOUR help, today will be the moment his presidency begins its END,” he said in a statement reacting to the launch of Biden’s reelection campaign.

During a rally in Florida in July, the former president also said Biden is a “corrupt, horrible incompetent man” who is “destroying our country.”