Trump Predicts ‘Major’ Filing After FBI Raid

Former President Donald Trump said that he is looking at a legal response to the FBI search of his Florida home two weeks ago. Posting on his social media platform Truth Social, Trump said that there will be a filing soon of a “major” motion.

It concerns the 4th Amendment and the FBI raid of his Mar-a-Lago Residence.

The 4th Amendment protects Americans against Illegal searches and seizures. It is unclear exactly what part of the search Trump may protest, though he said his rights were violated in a way “rarely seen” before then.

Further, it is not the former president who is continually trying to be secretive about evidence. Just examine the saga of the affidavit that got the unprecedented raid on a former president’s home started.

Federal Judge Bruce Reinhart, who approved the search warrant, said Thursday that he may be willing to unseal sections of the affidavit the search warrant was based on.

Reinhart said he did not accept the Justice Department’s reasoning that the entire document on which probable cause was based should be withheld. He further told officials to comb through the document and suggest areas to redact information while other areas are made public.

After the Justice Department and former President Trump requested it, Reinhart unsealed the warrant and property receipt concerning the Florida raid.

Attorney General Merrick Garland, under intense pressure from a public skeptical of the motives behind the unprecedented raid, came around to support revealing the contents of the search warrant. Trump concurred.

Of course he did. The president is the authority on what is classified and unclassified.

Does Biden truly believe that he is damaging Trump with this endless vendetta? This is not a good look for any administration, no matter how much spin the compliant media puts on it. When history looks back on this presidency, the first word to come to mind will be “overreach.”

The Democrat in the White House took his win in 2020 as a mandate to reshape the country in the manner of radicals’ choosing. It was not. Now his overreaching extended to the dubiously constitutional raiding of a political opponent’s private home. The nation clearly sees this.