Trump Praises Arizona Republicans Spearheading Election Audit At Rally

During a recent rally in Arizona where many Trump supporters and Republicans ran for the Senate and Governor positions, Trump highlighted the results of the Arizona audit, and according to the numbers, he had almost won the 2020 Presidential elections.

The rally was held in Arizona Federal Theatre with up to 5000 spectators. For the most part, the rally was about protecting the elections, featuring former President Trump, who praised the Arizona Senators’ audit for doing a great job and finally getting out the correct numbers. The results further strengthen Trump’s claims that the elections are being rigged. Praising the audit in another instance, Trump said that it had started a movement all over the country.

The audit results have conflicted with many Republicans of Arizona county and are rethinking their biases while Trump is pulling through this confusion among the Democrats and Republicans. He has called out Governor Doug Ducey and other high-profile state representatives, and the Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh in light of his fraud claims.

But all the media present at the rally did nothing but belittle Trump and manipulate the audit report results, calling out his rejection of the 2020 Presidential elections as an act against the state.

Trump was banned from Facebook for his allegations of massive election fraud during the 2020 Presidential Elections. Media platforms have been attempting to belittle him and keep him off the limelight, taking all attention off of Trump and focusing on Biden and his administration since then. But the recent rally in Arizona and the number of Trump supporters present there have proved that Trump still has the attention of the American people and has the power to make or break the news.