Trump Plans Pardon For J6 Defendants If Elected

Former President Donald Trump recently stated that if he is elected, he will offer pardons to the protesters being persecuted by the Biden administration for being at the January 6 protests at the Capitol. He also said that many would receive an apology.

Over 800 defendants have been arrested and charged with federal crimes involving Jan. 6. In the almost 20 months since, approximately 370 have pleaded guilty or been convicted on charges from that day, and over 200 are now sentenced.

Trump acknowledged that he met a group of Jan. 6 defendants in recent days and is helping some of them financially. He said he is supporting some “incredible” people and “they were in my office actually two days ago.”

He called what has been done to them a “disgrace.” The former president was referring to the Justice Department and FBI investigations into the events of Jan. 6. He noted that some are firemen, policemen, and people in the military.

Trump said that his legal team has been “working on it very hard” to assist the defendants. The possibilities of pardons had been broached previously, but it was the first time apologies and financial support were mentioned.

The former president was commenting on the Wendy Bell Radio show.

It was not disclosed how many are being supported and with how much. NPR reported early this year that some conservative media personalities have raised money to support the defendants.