Trump Embraced By Cops, Firemen, And Sports Fans As ‘F Biden’ Sweeps The Nation

Biden’s popularity is sinking as election audits are gaining ground in the swing states. People were enraged after the catastrophic withdrawal from Afghanistan and the suicide bombing at Kabul airport that killed 13 US service members. As Biden visited states to commemorate the 20th anniversary of 911, he was met with “F Joe Biden’ signs which are also trending on Twitter.

On his way to Shanksville, Pennsylvania, Biden passed by signs that said “F Joe Biden,” and he ended up making the entire 911 memorial about his battered ego. The young and liberal college students and sports fans have the stadiums echoing with the “F Joe Biden” chants every weekend, and the videos are going viral. Even during a Boxing competition between Holyfield and Belfort, the crowd went crazy when Trump entered and chanted “We Love Trump” and asked him for a speech. That should be proof enough for Biden to understand that the people don’t want him anymore.

“F Joe Biden” may still be trending on Twitter, and it is nearly impossible that the Administration has not seen one such video in which the crowd was chanting against Biden. With each of these videos, hatred for Biden is growing among the nation’s youth, which should have swept the floor out of Biden and the fellow democrats’ feet. In typically democrat dominant states of New Jersey and New York, people greeted Biden with derogatory slogans and shouted all sorts of things against him. They did not restrain from voicing their anger at all, and one such person from the crowd even shouted, “resign you, tyrant.”

The series of hate-based slogans and chants have been going on for the second week now, and the hopes of the same spirit remaining lasting till the end of the sports season are very high.