Trans Woman Demands Refrigerator-Held Testicles And Damages From Ex

In an unusual legal claim that’s stirring debate, a man from Michigan named Brianna Kingsley, who identifies as a Muslim woman, is seeking the return of his surgically extracted testicles from his ex-boyfriend’s refrigerator. 

The story unfolds as Kingsley, 40, asserts that his amputated testicles were unlawfully retained by his former partner, William Wojciechowski, 37. According to Kingsley, Wojciechowski “retains possession of my surgically extracted testicles, preserved in (a) Mason jar, kept in (the) fridge next to the eggs.”

According to a recent report by Reduxx, Kingsley’s affidavit demands not only the immediate return of his human remains specimen but also seeks damages of $6,500. The situation has escalated further due to alleged harassment between the two after their breakup.

This ordeal gained attention when Kingsley posted a TikTok video titled “The Unboxing of Dee’s Nutz” in April. In the video, he’s seen unveiling a clear bag with a biohazard label. The caption explains that the video showcases his surgically extracted “lady balls” packaged by the hospital where his gender-affirming bottom surgery took place.

Kingsley displayed his testicles briefly before returning them to their container and finishing with a curtsy.

Wojciechowski, speaking to the Detroit News, expressed his frustration with the ongoing situation and his ex-partner’s actions. He mentioned that he had taken out a personal protection order against Kingsley due to the harassment he endured after their breakup. 

The conflict reportedly extended to their pets as well, with Wojciechowski accusing Kingsley of abducting and keeping his two dogs for several weeks.

Taking the matter seriously, Wojciechowski stated, “I’m still moving forward with the charges against Kingsley. She violated the PPO I have on her by taking my dogs.” 

Insisting that the trans woman should be held accountable, he further shared concerns about his dogs displaying fear and aggression since being returned. “The dogs are OK, but they do show more fear and aggression since they were taken. Especially Butch. He keeps pulling his head up and away when I try to pet under his chin. Which tells me that his whining and barking triggered Brianna, and she punished him for it,” he claimed.

This story is not the first time that Kingsley has been wrapped up in controversy. Back in 2019, he was arrested for threatening a transgender roommate with a knife during an altercation. 

The police report states that Kingsley brandished a 6-inch blade and ordered the victim to leave their shared residence. This incident led to Kingsley’s arrest on charges of felony assault, eventually resulting in a guilty plea to a misdemeanor assault charge in October 2020 and a two-month jail sentence.