Top TN Official Defends Prayer After Mass Shooting At Christian School

While the left continues to call for gun control and attack anyone who mentions “prayers” in response to the mass shooting at a Tennessee Christian school, the director of the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) defended the “power of prayer” in a press conference.

Three children and three staff members at the Covenant School in Nashville, Tennessee, were brutally murdered by a mass shooter on Monday morning. Police heroically entered the building soon after arriving on the scene and were able to kill the shooter before she could continue her rampage. The shooter has since been identified as a 28-year-old woman who claimed to be a transgender man. She was also a former student at the Christian school.

In the wake of the massacre, conservatives offered prayers for the victims and expressed a need for greater security at schools, while also calling for action to be taken to fix the mental health problem in the United States. However, the left quickly jumped to calling for gun control — despite the fact that most school shootings happen in gun-free zones in areas with strict gun control, and thus gun control would not fix the problem.

While demanding gun control and pushing the claim that Republicans care more about guns than children, the left also made sure to attack Christians — specifically mocking and deriding those who offered “thoughts and prayers” in response to tragedies.

During a Monday press conference, TBI Director David Rausch spoke up for people who believe prayer is necessary in response to the mass shooting.

“Again I want to echo what chief has said in reference to the great support and the great teamwork that has been taking place here, as well as sending our heartfelt prayers to the families, to this community of these victims,” he said.

“Now, I know there’ll be people who want to criticize us for prayers. But that’s the way we do that in the South, right? We believe in prayer and we believe in the power of prayer. And so, our prayers go out to these families,” Rausch added.