Times Hypocritically Jumps on Anti-Crime Bandwagon

The New York Times deserves credit for consistency — if nothing else — as the self-proclaimed “newspaper of record” spreads leftist propaganda on a daily basis. Now though, it magically realizes that crime is an issue that must be tackled.

Sort of.

The Gray Lady until recently loved to scream that concerns over crime are merely the braying of racist Republicans. The claim one day is that affluent Americans are not as affected by violent crime, so it doesn’t get proper attention.

But then, without the slightest sense of irony, crime is only getting attention because of conservatives and their oppression of minority communities. That narrative is changing, as even the Times is now forced to admit. See, the pressure is coming from the Democratic base.

In New York, for one glaring example, anger over lax bail laws and other soft-on-crime reforms have pushed incumbents out of office. New York City Major Eric Adams, a former officer, won on an anti-crime platform.

The Times, of course, endorsed his opponent in the Democratic primary.

A Saturday article stating exactly that correctly finds that the narrative shifted away from defunding the police/police reform to calls for tackling the nation’s epidemic of violent crime. That call, the Times realizes, is coming mainly “from people of color.”

In fact, the writer says that groups such as “Black, Hispanic, and Asian Americans” bear the brunt of violence and now lead the outcry. City dwellers, long a Democratic base, are plagued by the crime wave gripping the nation.

And don’t mistake the recent mass shootings as making the issue seem larger than it is. The crime plaguing urban areas is the crime that makes people nervous about taking the subway, shopping at the mall, and simply walking down the street.

2020 was a watershed year for Democrats and their relationship with violent crime. The New York Times and its wannabees sold their souls to defend BLM protests and other so-called reform movements.

What the nation got in return was a criminal class given free rein to do what it always does — terrorize law abiding citizens. No one understands this better than minority communities and city dwellers.

For all the differences between groups in the U.S., and there are many, all want to feel safe in their daily lives. Without that, as even the Times grudgingly now admits is true, nothing else in a political party’s agenda matters much.