There Are No Solutions in Biden’s Latest Comments About Police Reform

Joe Biden has talked a lot about police reform. The president argues that police reform is a must. Last year, Congress tried to gather bipartisan support for police reform legislation. However, this largely failed, due to disagreements about qualified immunity and other related issues.

Biden’s advocacy for reforming policing in America comes at an interesting time. Multiple members of his party, such as Reps. Cori Bush (D-MA) and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) continue to call for police defunding and otherwise trash law enforcement.

On Wednesday, Biden took the liberty of signing an executive order that centers around police reform. However, his remarks afterward demonstrate the left’s complete lack of serious solutions.

The Latest Word Salad on Police Reform and Mass Shootings
The president’s executive order on policing requires probes into police misconduct in addition to establishing a database for logging this misconduct. Thanks to Biden’s executive order, officers will also no longer receive leftover supplies from the military.

On Wednesday, Biden tied in police reform with mass shootings and other connected events. Yet, the president’s version of events seems to wildly differ from reality.

Biden argued that summer 2020’s riots against police officers were “unifying,” creating an understanding across all generations and races. Unfortunately, this is far from true.

The riots did not unify Americans; however, they definitely succeeded in burning down communities, hurting small business owners (many of whom were minorities), and actually deepening divides.

After the summer 2020 riots, morale amongst police officers significantly declined. The riots encouraged Democratic officials to actually cut funding that went to police departments, leading to today’s current crime upticks.

Later, the president openly asked when America will “in God’s name” take action to stop mass shootings.

This, alone, shows the Democrat Party does not have established solutions to prevent these tragedies. Yet, in the same breath, left-wing officials like Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) continue to thumb their nose at the mere mention of mental health reform.

Biden’s police reform executive order only has jurisdiction at the federal level. Likewise, his statements about mass shootings and “the gun lobby” were slammed as wildly inaccurate and divisive.

A Plan of Action From Republicans
Since the tragedy in Uvalde, multiple Republicans have suggested that armed security officers in schools are critical to preventing future shootings.

There have also been calls for teachers to be allowed to conceal carry, thereby giving them the ability to protect themselves and their students from harm’s way.

Both of these proposed solutions have been dismissed by the political left. The only action plans Democrats have suggested thus far are tighter gun control rules.