There Appears To Be A ‘Danger To Democracy’ Going On In Dem-Controlled Illinois

Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Eric Holder have been using every chance they get to frame the Republicans for anything that goes against the Democrats Agenda. For the last couple of years, they have sounded alarms on Republicans for gerrymandering in the wake of ‘danger to democracy.’

Obama and Clinton took to Twitter to call out GOP lawmakers for the abortion ban in Texas. Obama stated in his tweet that the State Legislatures are taking steps forward towards setting up new boundaries for the state legislature and congressional districts and at the same time called out Republicans for re-shaping the map to their benefit and to hold on to power.

The NDRC tweeted that the Texas Senate passed a gerrymandered congressional map that eliminated all competitive districts and ignored the census data. Eric Holder redirected the statement implying the GOP-led legislatures are attacking representative democracy and ignoring demographic facts to hold on to power. Ever since the tweet, the hashtag ‘Freedom to Vote Act’ has become popular on Twitter. Hillary, on the other hand, straight up attacked the Republicans of Gerrymandering and assaulting American democracy.

For those who do not know, gerrymandering means manipulating the course of plans to favor one party or the other. In the present context, the abortion law not supported by people becoming law without any majority rule is referred to as Republican gerrymandering. Remember, it is only wrong as long as the Republicans do it.

The Democrats, on the other hand, naturally get away with anything. A recent example is the Illinois congressional map and its distribution among Dems and Republicans. The map had to be reduced from 18 to 17 and drawn by the State Democrats. The resultant map included the distribution of 14 Democratic and 3 Republican states. The same Democrats that were calling out the Republicans for the same thing back in November have done the same thing, and of course, Hillary and Obama are quiet now.