The White House Seems ‘More Detached’ And ‘Resentful’ After Biden’s Speech

A few days ago, Joe Biden’s “voting rights” address, delivered to a Stacey Abrams free audience in Georgia, has been generally hailed as the worst and most contentious of his administration. Other candidates include his vaccination mandate and Afghanistan “victory lap” speeches, but no one can deny that Biden’s comparison of ordinary Americans to Jefferson Davis is repulsive.

Mitt Romney remarked that he anticipated more from President Biden, who came into the office to bring the country together. Senator Mitt Romney has been exceedingly nice with Biden thus far, couching his comments and treating him with none of the scorn he has shown for Donald Trump. “As a result, President Biden follows in the footsteps of President Trump, casting doubt on the integrity of American elections,” Romney continued.

Mitt Romney said he “anticipated more” from Joe Biden, who accused him of trying to re-enslave black people in the past. Romney, as predicted, couldn’t take a shot at Biden without connecting it to Trump. On the other hand, Romney has never held Democrats to the same high standards as other Republicans. Given this, it’s impressive he said anything at all here, no matter how mildly.

The Biden White House’s response to Mitt Romney’s remarks about the Benghazi attacks was one of the most petulant and incomprehensible answers to a crisis yet. Jen Psaki slammed Romney with one of her most juvenile and ill-informed replies to an episode that many in Washington have dubbed “the Benghazi Scandal.”

Biden brags about yesterday’s catastrophic seven percent statistics in terms of inflation. The White House’s decision to further alienate more Americans is a blunder in political strategy. What other option does he have except to retreat farther into his corner, losing more and more supporters? That’s the problem with a government that can’t accept defeat and move on to a more manageable challenge.