The White House is Giving Mixed Messages on Mask Mandates

On Monday, Americans all across the country celebrated when a Florida judge voided the travel mask mandate upheld by the CDC and the Biden administration.

In the judge’s ruling, she determined the CDC did not appropriately explain the need for the mandate to continue. Within hours of the mandate’s removal, major US airlines, airports, and even rideshare businesses Lyft and Uber pulled back their mask requirements.

Social media erupted with images and videos of travelers and airline workers happily taking off their face masks and even destroying them.

The public support for the end of the travel mask mandate could not be more unified. Yet, in the Biden administration, the reaction is anything but unified.

In less than 48 hours, the White House has contradicted itself regarding where it stands on the removal of its mandate, according to Twitchy.

Getting Their Wires Crossed

In the wake of the mask mandate’s defeat, White House press secretary Jen Psaki said the ruling was “disappointing” to the White House.

Psaki later claimed that there are Americans who would still like masks to continue. However, the removal of the mandate does not stop anyone from voluntarily wearing a mask. This appears to be a fact missed by many supporters of COVID mandates.

Things got really interesting, though, when Biden was questioned about whether Americans ought to wear face masks while traveling. The president claimed this is “up to” each American to decide.

Yet, within hours of Biden making this statement, the Justice Department expressed its intention to appeal the erasure of the travel mask mandate.

This is not the first time the White House sent out conflicting messages. Weeks ago, Biden administration officials walked back the president’s comments about American troops going to Ukraine, Putin being ousted from power, and chemical weapons being used against Russia.

When Biden was later asked about his credibility (in light of his statements being shut down by his own White House), he seemed to believe nothing he said was really walked back.

The American Public’s Stance

The public’s opposition to mask mandates has been brewing for quite some time. Even before Monday’s ruling, multiple major airlines asked the federal government to end the mandate.

Airlines noted the strain this requirement was having on its workers, along with the unnecessary nature of the mandate.

Yet, in spite of this, the White House is still planning to appeal Monday’s verdict. Airline workers, travelers, and other Americans across the nation are counting on this appeal to fail.