The US Military is Scrambling to Find New Recruits

The United States military is vital to the rights and freedoms that everyday Americans get to enjoy. Men and women who join the military do so to defend their country, protect us from threats, and otherwise uphold America’s status as the greatest nation in the world.

It goes without saying that in order for the work of the military to proceed, fresh recruits are needed. New servicemembers keep the military energized, up to par, and otherwise capable of doing its necessary duties.

A lack of servicemembers can cause a lot of problems down the line, to say the least. Sadly, the groundwork for these problems has already been laid as the US military scrambles to locate new recruits.

Disturbing New Updates About the US Military
Issues with recruits shortages in the military have been around for quite some time. However, with this go-around, problems appear to be truly getting worse.

Every single branch in the military is faced with recruit shortfalls. Air Force official Maj. Edward Thomas is now weighing in on the reasons for these shortages and what it all means going forward.

Per Thomas, a good “recruiting market” exists, along with various incentives to attract new members of the military. Yet, as it turns out, the shutdowns of schools back in 2020 put a wrench in a common strategy the military uses to find new recruits.

As a result of the shutdowns, the military wasn’t able to hand out flyers in high schools or otherwise market the available positions.

The Air Force official reveals this is far from the only factor driving down the numbers of military recruits.

Fewer people actually trust the US government, as it stands today. This is compounded by growing numbers of Americans who either personally don’t want to serve or just aren’t eligible, to begin with.

The Unspoken Elephant in the Room
American service members have been faced with COVID vaccine mandates, despite outrage and pushback against this. Only a fraction of military members’ requests for exemptions have been granted. Most are promptly denied.

The military’s also not been hesitant about cutting its own ranks by removing service members who don’t comply with the vaccine mandate.

This mandate exists despite the reality that COVID vaccines have been proven not to stop anyone from getting COVID or passing it on to others.

Unpopular vaccine mandates certainly aren’t doing the military any favors. They could very well be turning off people who may have signed up for service later down the line.