The “Toxic Traits” Of The Left

Vouchers aided the poor and minorities in obtaining a better education, and Democrats’ answer prohibits vouchers. They don’t want competition for the teachers’ unions, their political allies. People pour enormous sums of money into public schools, yet test scores are poor. Therefore the solution is to halt testing to conceal the fact.

Although children have very little danger of being gravely ill due to COVID-19, they have been shut out, canceled sports, and had them wear masks. It’s no wonder that children, whom the media and other Democrats claim to care about, have suffered so much emotional, physical, and financial harm. People should investigate all the inept white politicians and journalists to see where the “white privilege” gene has failed them.

Moreover, many high-cost universities race-normed the scores because “too many” Asians score well on college entrance examinations. Since the colleges have been accused of discriminating, their new strategy is to determine subjectively. People don’t mind transgender individuals being on Jeopardy or The Voice, but guys shouldn’t have an unfair advantage over women in sports.

Furthermore, college fees are increasing, and the Democrat answer is for other people, the taxpayers, to foot the bill. Democrats elect leftist District Attorneys backed by extreme leftist George Soros, allowing career criminals to walk the streets, increasing crime. There will be greater debt and more costs as a result.

Biden immediately halted the enforcement of immigration restrictions established by Congress. As a result, the population has been infected with increased illegal immigration, more gang members, more illegal firearms, and more illicit substances like fentanyl. “Hands up, don’t shoot,” the media and others create a false narrative. When the story is deliberately deceptive, it’s no wonder that so many officers are maimed or murdered by criminals.

The Great Society and anti-poverty measures are designed to make people rely on the government to disguise poverty rather than alleviate it. Single-parent homes are essential indications of who would end up in poverty, and programs effectively encouraged the split of families. Trump’s lower taxes and less government decreased poverty to new lows.

Therefore Joe Biden has overturned the measures that made the United States energy independent, and as a result, prices are rising. It harms the poor and middle class, whom Democrats claim to care about. But the questions that arise are why are Democrats so eager to dismantle initiatives that have shown to be successful? And why do the vast majority of journalists advocate policies that produce the poorest outcomes?