The Taliban is Exactly What It’s Always Been

It’s been said that when someone shows you who they are, you ought to believe them. Unfortunately, this is a lesson that Joe Biden never learned, despite his decades-long political career and current status as president of the United States.

Last year, Biden cut a handshake deal with the Taliban. Despite the Taliban’s consistent record of countless human rights abuses, abuses against women and girls, etc., Biden expected the Taliban to make good on its promise to permit the education of girls in Afghanistan.

To the shock of no free thinking individual, the Taliban has since walked back this promise regarding girls’ education in Afghanistan, as documented by National Review.

Business as Usual for the Taliban

On Wednesday, the Taliban confirmed it will not, in fact, allow for girls who are above sixth grade to receive education. Since this revelation, the Biden administration, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), and other high-profile Democrats have expressed their shock and horror.

This shouldn’t come as a shock, though. The Taliban has a well-established pattern of promising to respect women’s basic rights, only to later walk back on this.

Not too long ago, the Taliban shut down the Ministry of Women’s Affairs after committing to acknowledging women’s rights.

When it comes to blocking education for girls over 6th grade, the Taliban is now claiming the measure is not set in stone and could potentially change. In truth, this claim has as much validity as the Taliban’s previous claims to respect women’s rights and permit girls’ education.

The sad reality is the Taliban has never once had any intention of respecting women’s rights or allowing girls to get an education. In fact, the Taliban remains one of the worst abusers of women and girls.

Biden should have known better than to trust the Taliban and expect them to keep their word.

Lesson Learned?

Had Biden listened to his advisers last year and not recklessly acted as he did in Afghanistan, the Taliban would not be controlling the nation today.

The rise of the Taliban significantly sets back women’s rights. However, anyone who is hoping for Biden to have learned his lesson about cutting deals with enemies to America is going to be sorely disappointed.

Just earlier this month, Biden was in contact with Iran and trying to cut a deal with the country to get oil. Meanwhile, Iran is well-known for openly screaming “death to America.”

As long as Biden continues to try playing nice with the likes of the Taliban, Iran, etc., it’s only going to create more disasters, both at home and abroad.