The Steve Bannon Case is Being Milked For All It’s Worth

Many Americans recall Steve Bannon as a one-time White House adviser and aide to former President Trump. Even after leaving the White House, Bannon’s been a consistent Trump ally, working mightily to advance the America First agenda.

For this reason, a target has been put on his back by the political left. Amid various charges that accuse Bannon of ripping off Americans who donated to build the border wall, it’s clear Democrats are looking to get as much as they can out of this.

Before turning himself over to authorities on Thursday, the Trump ally released a statement, noting the criminal justice system is being weaponized against him. Bannon likewise declared that he’ll never stop fighting, no matter how aggressively the left comes after him.

The Intentional Humiliation of Bannon
In a nutshell, New York Attorney General Letitia James decided to make a spectacle out of Bannon being arrested. Even after the Trump ally surrendered to the authorities, James opted to have him not just perp-walked, but also in chains before the media to take pictures.

Naturally, Americans have questions. The biggest questions of all involve the New York attorney general’s motivations for having Bannon perp-walked before the press and the cameras when he already handed himself over.

On social media, many conservatives warned that it’s only a matter of time before what’s happening to Bannon happens to other supporters of the America First movement.

James’ actions appear less motivated by the charges of money laundering and conspiracy against Bannon and more motivated by trying to make a point and embarrass Bannon before the nation.

Only the Beginning?
What’s happening to Bannon comes as the FBI and Justice Department continue to openly play games regarding the motivations behind their raid of Trump’s Florida home last month.

This growing pattern of targeted action against Trump supporters has led some Americans to warn that things will get a lot worse before they get better.

Other conservatives are sounding the alarm about an ongoing two-tiered justice system that goes after people based on their politics, rather than the crimes they commit.

After all, mere days before James had Bannon perp-walked before the press, Joe Biden stressed the need for Trump supporters in America to be “stopped.”