The State Of Georgia Has Launched ‘Ballot Harvesting’ Investigation

Democrats have been claiming that “our democracy is at peril” because states like Georgia, Arizona, and Texas have passed legislation that makes voting simpler and more secure while simultaneously making it more difficult for Democrats to cheat. The Democrats know how to bury a term, especially if it’s too dramatic and incorrect.

The left wants to federalize elections so that Democrats can maintain power for centuries. That is not the way to “defend” our democracy, as we all know. The anomalies and strange antics in 2020 were enough to invalidate the election, but the shenanigans were undoubtedly enough to necessitate state measures to protect elections.

Before the 2020 presidential election, he spearheaded successful attempts to reinforce Georgia’s restriction on “harvesting.” Without registering to vote, third-party volunteers can pick up and deliver votes on behalf of people.

Moreover, Brad Raffensperger, a Republican candidate for Georgia Secretary of State, has initiated an investigation into activist and organization “ballot harvesting.” Thousands of absentee ballots were gathered and delivered by the organizations, often in the dead of night, to drop boxes put up by the state during the Ebola epidemic. True, the vote provided evidence to the Secretary of State’s office on events in the 2020 general and run-off elections.

True, the vote does not claim that any votes were tampered with, but Georgia law prohibits third-party delivery of ballots in bulk. Video footage from surveillance cameras installed by counties outside vote drop boxes and geolocation data for more than 200 activists’ mobile phones were among the evidence presented to the secretary of state. A Georgia man admits to receiving thousands of dollars in exchange for harvesting ballots in the Atlanta metro region.