The Squad’s Tlaib Undermines Biden’s SOTU Address

The last time we checked, the parade of Democrats rebutting their own president’s State of the Union Address is over, but there may still be one out there somewhere squawking another “response.” Not to be left out, Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.) delivered the “progressive” response on behalf of the Working Families Party and this cannot be stressed enough by her actual Democratic party that puts the “D” beside her name.

And while Tlaib is carefully not calling her rebuttal a rebuttal, Democratic party colleagues used words like “insane,” “mistaken” and “misguided” while accusing far-left progressives of wanting to “act out their fantasy.” Ouch.

Does anyone in this party believe they will be the majority in the Senate OR House next year?

The radical member of the so-called “Squad” urged Biden to use his executive powers to do what he was unable to do in the legislative process, such as tackle climate change, cancel student debt, amend labor rules and ensure abortions are anything but rare.

On a night when the president tried to socially distance himself from the nut-wing of his party with the call to “fund” the police, not “defund” them, Rep. Tlaib was waiting like the bearer of bad news afterward. No matter what the Democratic shot-caller said in his address, she was lurking in the shadows to put the spotlight back on a certified loser position in the fall midterms.

Declaring that the US cannot “police away” societal problems like poverty, homelessness and mental health, Tlaib called for care, not criminalization. Maybe, but would she mind if the US “policed away” the violent crime ravaging our cities? Is that a deal we can make?

Blaming who she termed “the rich and the powerful,” the Michigan Democrat/WFP representative lumped in “corporate-backed Democratic obstructionists” for derailing Build Back Better.

Could Tlaib have referred to Sens. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) and Kyrsten Sinema (D-Az.)? What do you think?

The $6 trillion Biden has passed around like party favors are not nearly enough for his party’s far left, and Tlaib made sure their wish list was also spotlighted in prime time. If the future of our nation was not at stake, it’s almost enough to feel sorry for Biden.


Some Democrats and their supporters railed against the wave of retorts from within their ranks this year that followed Biden’s address, referring to them as akin to “sacking your own quarterback” and “keying your car.”

They should be used to it by now. Tlaib was one of only six Democrats all Squad members who voted against Biden’s infrastructure bill last year.

With friends like these.