The Real Mean Tweets Come From the Left

Everything on social media on April 1st must be taken with a grain of salt. Many people take the day as an opportunity to say things that they wish were true but know to be false. Some pundits do not like this trend, especially from organizations entrusted with reporting what is going on in the world.

I for one try to have a good sense of humor about these types of things because if you cannot have a good laugh then you are destined to always be negative about the news. Let us face it, the news is designed to be salacious to keep our attention. No news outlet reports that all the planes landed safely today. Given this situation I was prepared to be entertained on April Fool’s Day. Enter this Rob Reiner tweet:

Typically, when someone does an April Fool’s joke, they will comment on it later to let you in on the shenanigans. Rob Reiner never did this because he was completely serious about this tweet, and therefore revealed himself as a complete moron. This Tweet is indefensible.

Joe Biden barely knows where he is half the time. His wife is constantly collecting him when he gets lost at the White House. On his recent trip to Europe, he managed to call for regime change with regards to Putin, tell our troops they were going to Ukraine, and threatened to use chemical weapons against Russia. All these remarks had to be walked back by the White House comms team. His performances could hardly be described as ‘grace under fire.’

As for a successful Presidency, his administration is overseeing the worst inflation in 40 years. Gas prices are skyrocketing, and he seems hellbent on getting the United States into direct conflict with Russia, starting World War III. President Biden’s poll numbers are plummeting and even Jen Psaki is fleeing the sinking ship by taking a job at MSNBC. Unfortunately for Americans, the Joe Biden Presidency is a joke every day of the year and not just on April Fool’s Day.