The Person Who “Trolled” President Biden During NORAD Is Receiving Death Threats

Jared Schmeck trolled Joe Biden during the NORAD Santa tracking live stream on Christmas Eve. He claims he began receiving “vague but threatening” phone calls following the call. And now he’s being targeted for exercising my right to free speech, he said in an interview.

He appears to be a pleasant individual. There isn’t any resentment or anything like that. He explained that it was just a harmless joke to express my God-given right to express my frustrations in a lighthearted manner. Jared contacted NORAD and spoke with Joe and Jill Biden about their Christmas wishes during the occasion.

Moreover, Former Medford, Massachusetts police officer Jared Schmeck tweeted President Joe Biden, “Merry Christmas and Let’s go, Brandon.” Rep. Eric Swalwell has attacked the 35-year-old father of four on Twitter. He had nothing against Mr. Biden, Jared Schmeck remarked, but he is dissatisfied because he believes he might be doing a better job.

According to Rep. Eric Swalwell, he refused to accept that we are this despicable as a species. Before evoking the names of Biden’s late wife and daughter, he said: “Not on Christmas Eve.” It is not who we are. He concluded by wishing everyone a #MerryChristmas.

On Christmas Day, Rep. Eric Swalwell had nothing better to do than insult Schmeck once more. He tweeted, “Don’t waste your time on the pitiful father who embarrassed his family to scream F-U to the president.” He’s unimportant. Spend time trying to figure out why Republican leaders are praising him. It isn’t the Republican Party of the parents. This new staff is deplorable to the core.

Due to the hostility, he’s gotten, the hashtag #JaredSchmeck is trending on Twitter. Dana Loesch’s Twitter:

Furthermore, Rep. Eric Swalwell attacked President Trump on Christmas Eve 2017 and called for his prosecution. It’s worth noting that he doesn’t hold Christmas in such high regard that he considers insulting a sitting president beneath him. He also attacked Trump repeatedly around the holidays last year, so he’s not “better than this,” at least not enough to not bully a private citizen.