The Media Can’t Ignore Joe Biden’s Ties to Hunter Biden Anymore

Weeks before the 2020 election where President Joe Biden somehow won, the New York Post released an article about Hunter Biden’s laptop and its contents. It’s obvious that the news, the left, and social media platforms wanted to cover it up because Twitter censored the post and didn’t allow it to be shared. It was labeled as Russian disinformation and the story was buried; at least by the media.

Recently, the New York Times, who isn’t exactly a staple fact source, confirmed that the laptop was real. That’s not a surprise because most people on the right and some on the left believed the laptop was real long ago.

Recently after the laptop was originally covered, a former colleague of Hunter Biden confirmed that the email referencing “10% for the big guy,” was talking about Joe Biden. Again, not a surprise to anyone paying attention. People also forget that Joe and Hunter shared a bank account for a long period of time.

After demonizing former President Donald Trump over the fabricated story about Russian collusion, you would think that the media would go all in on Biden because of the corruption he was involved in but they haven’t done that.

Joe claimed that he was unaware of Hunter’s business dealings and dismissed all claims that there was corruption involved in Ukraine when he threatened to withhold money and that he had “never taken a foreign penny” or that Hunter was involved in “unethical behavior” and “never broke the law.”

So now the media is quickly putting all of the blame on Hunter rather than grouping the two family members together. The financial and work-related connections that the two have are hard to ignore. As mentioned above; they shared a bank account.

Hunter also traveled with Joe to China on Air Force 2 while Joe was vice president. 10 days after the trip where Hunter met with business associates to open a Chinese private equity fund, a business license was issued by Shanghai authorities. Hunter also sat on the board of Burisma, but that’s not new information.

The media is still making statements that they soon might not be able to back up. Georgetown Law School Professor Jonathan Turley said, “What quickly emerged, though, was a new narrative. None of this implicates President Biden,” and CNN White House correspondent John Harwood said, “There is zero evidence that Vice President Biden, or President Biden, has done anything wrong in connection with what Hunter Biden has done.” Just like the laptop wasn’t real.

Harwood said that as if he was attempting to separate Biden as vice president and Biden as president. Why would he do that? Is he trying to imply that even if Biden is implicated, which he is, that he’s a different person now than he was before? Is it a separation of personalities? Who knows.