The Left Can Get Dangerous When They See Their Power At Risk

The purging of the US military and badge-wearing, weapon-carrying federal agencies is the most dangerous ongoing political phenomena. It is nothing less than a leftist coup d’etat if the unruly and untrainable American people choose the “wrong” decision again, as they did in 2016 and 2020. Wolf Howling detailed the irrational reasoning of three high-ranking retired US military commanders in his December 21 piece, who publicly tried to legitimize a military coup to prevent Donald Trump’s re-election.

The level of electoral corruption necessary to keep the left in power in 22 and 24 may have to be increased from what was used in 20. Perhaps the untruth will not be accepted this time. The left is undoubtedly prepared for this eventuality. It’s attempting to turn a freshly cleansed and politicized military and other government agencies into a thug army of brownshirts.

Trump leads Biden by as much as 8% in the popular vote, which would translate into a landslide in the electoral vote, and serious people are now openly advocating that such a result not be allowed to stand. The left’s ideology and policy aim are harmful, producing so much pain and injury that reality and truth are at odds.

The Western globalist/leftist coalition has now wholly accepted the inevitable conclusion of all revolutions, particularly in its American incarnation. Intellectually, the alliance has allied with Robespierre, Marx, Lenin, and Stalin. Dissent is to be stigmatized and, eventually, outlawed. Any future democratic blunders will be seared with any means necessary.

The left has projected the center-right with its bad habits and intentions. The finest example is an unarmed, unannounced walk-through of the Capitol on January 6, during which a few windows were damaged (most likely by agents provocateurs). Stalin, Goebbels, and Hitler are giggling in hell, cheering on their Democratic Party doppelgängers. If it can be used to show that your opponents are a threat to the state, the Democrats’ new role models advise them to do it.

All conservatives, patriots, and true Republicans must focus their efforts between now and the future two elections on producing a massive electoral rejection of the Democrats’ efforts to denigrate and destroy America. The peaceful millions of Eastern Europeans who bravely brought down an entire superstructure of anti-democratic repression and wickedness without firing a shot in 1989 could serve as a model.

The rule of law, the United States Constitution, election integrity, and procedural legitimacy are all held in high regard in the United States. The legal profession and the judiciary share this belief. Only a tiny fraction of arrogant revolutionaries believe that pure truth supersedes democracy. There isn’t any other option.