The “Greatest Danger” To American Freedom Is BIG TECH

The United States of America was formed on the values of self-determination, liberty, and independence from the English elite, who did not have the best interests of the American people at heart. It meant liberation from a ruling class that didn’t understand their people or history in terms of American independence.

People felt that it would provide them more freedom when the internet was initially invented. Regrettably, cell phone carriers and technology industries quickly turned these tools of liberty inside out. By 2010, the internet had evolved into a tool for gathering data on everyone who used it. They all recorded what they were looking at, who they were conversing with, and what they said.

Surveillance Capitalism was developed by a group of technology firms, mobile providers, and government agencies during the next decade. Consumers were given “free” or low-cost services to gather unlimited data about them, analyze that data, and then use it to control and influence them in ways they would not even notice.

Moreover, Big Tech split society and pit those segments against one another by managing access to information. This manipulation was initially innocuous, but over time, it began to divide people into groups based on their physical traits (age, gender, ethnicity, and so on) as well as their ideas. As a result, they began to share some information with select people while concealing it from others. Proponents of gun rights vs. proponents of gun regulation. The young vs. the elderly. Police vs. Law and Order should be defunded.

You may have joked with a friend that you “probably shouldn’t have said that over the phone” after making a passionate statement about a politician, a controversial topic, or a passionately held opinion, but it’s no laughing matter. Like everything else you do with your phone, your calls are watched. As a result, we’ve all started to self-censor.

One of the most hazardous features of Big Tech’s listening and surveillance is self-censorship. We will soon cease thinking if we are afraid to communicate what we think. It isn’t a dystopian or fantastical story. Even the novel “1984” and “The Matrix” no longer seem to be fiction. Life is frighteningly imitating art.

I’m afraid that Big Tech is attempting to dominate and influence us through our internet usage. So, what are your options? I established Volta Wireless to restore internet freedom, allowing everyone to freely interact and exchange information without fear of Big Tech tracking their every move.