The Campaign For Electric Vehicles Hits New Snag

The White House and the Democrat Party continue to stress the importance of electric vehicle use. Left-wing states are truly driving this home with plans in the works to ban sales of vehicles running on fuel in 2035.

Yet, despite all the fanfare over electric vehicles, they continue to run into one mishap after the next. For one thing, many of the charging stations don’t work properly. Then, in the case of California, people are being told to hold off on charging their electric vehicles, owing to issues with the electric grid.

Officials who believe people should be banned from buying gas-powered cars haven’t addressed the issues with their electric counterparts. However, a new incident in West Virginia has shed light on how widespread electric vehicle use could be problematic.

Coal Miners Save the Day
Despite the attacks that Democrats lodge against the fossil fuel industry, its workers ultimately saved the day for one electric vehicle owner last week. When a driver’s electric vehicle stopped working in West Virginia, five coal miners helped push the vehicle to the mine so the driver could charge it.

This incident made the news, due to state Sen. Randy Smith (R-WV) speaking out about it on social media. Smith revealed that without the coal miners coming to the rescue of the electric vehicle owner, this driver would have been stranded.

Finally, the West Virginia lawmaker praised the good character of the coal miners before noting without these workers, electric vehicles aren’t practical.

Lessons Learned
If this story in West Virginia proves anything, it’s the importance of having reliable energy sources. Right now, electric vehicles require a lot more work and problem-solving before they’re even feasible for the widespread use that Democrats are pushing for.

As Democrats work to force as many people as possible into buying electric vehicles, Republicans have vowed to fight back against this.

Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin (R), for instance, is on record saying that he’ll do everything he can to ensure California’s upcoming ban on gas-powered cars doesn’t negatively impact people in his own state.

Given the continuous problems arising with electric vehicles, Democrats can expect an increase in the fight for Americans to keep gas-powered cars.