The Biden Administration Is under Fire for Its Suggestion on Lowering Gas Prices

During the Trump administration, gas prices were at some of the lowest rates ever seen. This was largely due to Trump’s commitment to energy independence. Unlike the current president, Trump didn’t insist on America getting oil from foreign nations when we could easily generate it domestically.

Unfortunately for Americans, all of this has been flipped upside down by the Biden administration. After gutting the energy sector, the current president turned to nations that hate the United States (such as Iran) for oil and energy.

Because of the Biden administration’s refusal to lift its boot from the energy sector, gas prices across the United States are as high as $7.00 per gallon in some cities.

The White House has been repeatedly told that increasing US energy production would reduce gas fees. However, this administration is committed to doing anything other than reviving domestic energy production.

This is why Biden’s White House is under fire for its latest strategy to lower the prices of gas, as covered by Red State.

Gas Cards for the American Public?

According to Axios, the Biden administration once thought about handing out gas cards to the American public as a supposed strategy to reduce gas costs. Meanwhile, this measure would have undoubtedly boosted inflation.

It turns out the White House’s proposal was heavily rejected by Democrats in Congress. Yet, this isn’t the worst of it by any means.

As the Biden administration scrapped the idea of gas cards (and is denying ever considering this), more stimulus handouts and the closure of unused federal leases of oil companies are being evaluated.

Democrats and the White House apparently believe that stimulus checks are the best the country has to offer as a solution to gas prices rivaling levels not seen since the crash of 2008.

A Vicious Cycle of Economic Disasters

If Congress and the White House pass legislation approving new stimulus checks, this will undoubtedly worsen inflation. Inflation will then cause everything to become even more expensive across the board.

This would literally put the American public on a neverending hamster wheel of higher prices, debt, inflation, and financial uncertainty.

As Democrats float these ideas and talk about the cancellation of gas taxes, they continue rejecting domestic energy production. This is leading to a world of hurt, especially for everyday Americans living paycheck to paycheck or on fixed incomes.

In between considering gas cards and new stimulus checks, the Biden administration has also advised Americans to buy electric cars to offset high gas costs.