The Biden Administration Has Unleashed New Attacks on Texas

When it comes to the White House’s destructive policies, somehow the administration always finds something or someone else to blame. If the White House isn’t passing the buck for its own failures, then it’s denying these failures exist or otherwise trying to gaslight everyday Americans.

As the Biden administration sees poll numbers for Democrats dropping across the country, they are desperate to paint Republicans in an unfavorable light.

This is why left-wing pundits, media personalities, and officials are claiming that American democracy will end if Republicans win the midterms.

As inflation continues to backfire on Democrats and the White House, the latter is now blaming Governor Greg Abbott (R-TX) for inflation, as documented by Red State.

The Most Ridiculous Claim of All Time

If the White House had it their way, they’d be able to con every single American into thinking the Texas governor is responsible for high consumer prices and inflation.

In a statement earlier this week, White House press secretary Jen Psaki declared that truck inspection policies pertaining to goods leaving Mexico and entering Texas are somehow to blame for inflation.

Psaki didn’t just stop there, though. The White House press secretary even argued that truck inspection policies are the root cause of manufacturing delays, unemployment, and supply chain problems.

What Psaki failed to mention, however, is that the timeline of Abbott’s policy doesn’t track with inflation that’s been present for at least 11 months now. The truck inspection policy for Mexican imports was put into effect on April 6.

Given this factor alone, the claim that Texas’ governor bears responsibility for manufacturing problems, supply chain issues, unemployment, and inflation is an outright lie.

Growing Tensions Between Texas and the Biden Administration

Due to the White House’s refusal to enforce the country’s immigration laws, Texas has been forced to bear the brunt of illegal border crossings.

Earlier this month, Governor Abbott made it clear that he wasn’t going to stand for this anymore.

Abbott warned that if Biden continued taking a cavalier approach to illegal immigration, he would have these border crossers transported to Washington DC for the federal government to deal with.

The White House responded by calling Abbott’s warning a “publicity stunt.” So, earlier this week, the Texas governor followed through on his word and sent border crossers to the nation’s capital.

Abbott has also made clear that he will continue doing this, so long as the White House ignores the immigration laws that Biden is obligated to uphold as president.