The Backlash Is Hilarious As Chicago Teachers Again Go On Strike

A strike and a return to “remote learning” were supported in an online poll taken by the Chicago Teachers Union over the Christmas break. Corey DeAngelis, who has helped lead the fight against union corruption, was the one who discovered the poll. It showed that most teachers supported the strike, and I predicted a work stoppage. Today, the union announced that teachers would not report to work, causing hundreds of thousands of children to suffer.

What a bunch of lazy bums, and destructive ones at that, harming children. There is no reason for schools to close immediately. Children are still not suitable carriers of COVID-19 and are more likely to die from drowning, automobile accidents, illness, or brain injuries (related: Leave the Kids Alone). Teachers were not only able to get triple-vaccinated but were given priority access when the vaccines were initially released.

More money was shoveled into schools to make them “safe” by American taxpayers (a misnomer in itself, given that almost all mitigation is highly ineffective). Teachers already get free N95 masks and testing.

But these abominations strike again, keeping taxpayers hostage and telling kids to jump off a precipice. It will take months for the present Omicron increase in Chicago to dissipate. What should the youngsters do? Remote learning is a joke, and many on the left admit that school closures are harmful. Aside from the massive online backlash, the city of Chicago’s response has been swift and amusing. Mayor Lori Lightfoot, a socialist to the core, took no prisoners. Strictly speaking, she ejected striking CTU members from their Google.

Imagine being so entitled that you call a work stoppage and then whine when your Google classrooms are locked. The Chicago government (elected by taxpayers) has the right to dictate how students are taught. The real reason CTU members are upset is that it halts their support-gathering efforts. They used Google Hangouts to organize and communicate. So it’s amusing that they’re upset about being locked out now.

These prominent teacher’s unions in blue states are abusive. Teachers’ unions have become a force that harms children in Chicago. It’s time city officials and parents stood up to them.