The Baby Formula Crisis is Far From Over

America continues to face a series of crises, owing to the mismanagement of the Biden administration.

To this day, energy companies are getting eaten alive as their costs of doing business rise. This leads to higher gas prices, which put the squeeze on everyday consumers who are barely making it.

Meanwhile, the underlying culprit in all this continues to be the anti-energy prices forced through by the White House.

Aside from gas prices, rising inflation and growing interest rates continue to make life more unaffordable for the everyday person. Higher interest rates are crushing Americans and ultimately failing to bring down inflation as the Federal Reserve claimed it would.

Yet, amid all this turmoil, Americans are still not out of the woods when it comes to the nationwide baby formula shortage in the country.

Recapping America’s Baby Formula Shortage
Louisiana mom Amber Bergeron spoke with Fox News about the crushing impacts that baby formula deficiencies are having on her family and others.

Bergeron explained that mothers today are feeling “helpless” and trying to tackle an issue that US officials should ultimately be handling.

The mother also stated that while everyday parents are failing to get the necessary food for their babies, she has no doubts the infants of politicians are getting the nutrition they need.

Later, Bergeron told Fox News that not enough attention is going to America’s baby formula shortage and it looks to be something folks forgot about.

With a lack of access to baby formula, Bergeron’s children have been struggling with weight loss and iron deficiencies, as confirmed by medical bloodwork.

Other mothers have expressed similar concerns, citing the baby formula shortage as unacceptable and a sad state of affairs.

No Good News
Weeks ago, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) gave Abbott Nutrition, America’s top baby formula supplier, the all-clear to reopen its manufacturing facility.

However, not long afterward, the site had to shut down yet again, this time due to flooding issues.

Thus far, the FDA says baby formula is anticipated to be back on shelves in full by the end of July. Yet, because of Abbott Nutrition shutting down yet again, this could possibly delay production and therefore extend the baby formula shortage.