The Atlantic Discovers President Biden Is Not Really An “Empathetic Guy”

You may have observed a pattern in which conservative, alternative or other non-mainstream media detect something, and the left and mainstream media reject it as incorrect, inaccurate, or even a malicious lie. The mainstream media catches up a few months or a year later and realizes, “Oh, wait, that contention was correct all along.”

Despite what people were taught in 2019 and 2020, and for much of early 2021, Joe Biden is not an empathic or kind person. “The President whose sensitivity is continually proclaimed suddenly seems cold and contemptuous when questioned about Afghans anxiously pouring aboard American planes or plummeting to their deaths,” certain purportedly crazy and reckless voices like the ones asserted in August of last year.

Moreover, Joe Biden was challenged during the 2020 campaign if he would be responsible for damage to Afghan women if troops were to depart and the Taliban returned. Biden’s eyes narrowed as he bristled. He yelled, “No, I don’t!” and clasped his thumb and index finger together.

Biden drew back and dug down when asked about Afghanistan and its people. “Middle-Class Joe’s” fervent affiliations are purely local. They are motivated by personal bonds rather than general issues. Outside the circle of empathy stood the Green Beret interpreter and the girl in the unfinished schoolroom.

Furthermore, Americans concerned about vaccinations, parents who are tired of concealing their children, and families frustrated with public schools staying closed long after private schools have worked out how to reopen safely lose Joe Biden’s sympathies. Instead of promising to shut down the virus and cure cancer, a compassionate individual would endeavor to avoid making promises he can’t make.

“He’s going to throw them all back in chains,” “Do they want to be on the side of John Lewis or Bull Connor?” and “Abraham Lincoln or Jefferson Davis?” – Joe Biden’s purported great stores of empathy have never helped him resist the lure of demagoguery. So perhaps he isn’t such an empathic individual after all. At the very least, he can rely on his intelligence, knowledge, persuasive talents, and acute judgment.