Texas Governor Abbott Steps Up Border Enforcement As Biden’s Crisis Keeps Going

At the southern border between Texas and Mexico at Del Rio, a massive migrant influx has resulted in the spread of these migrants to as far as 70 miles off the border to Uvalde, Texas. Migrants are coming in from as far as Morocco as found from their interactions with the locals. But why exactly were they in Texas from their homelands is a question only the Texas Department for Public Safety (DPS) can answer. They have seen, and observed migrants overflow into the cities but are not allowed to engage unless these migrants strayed onto people’s private properties.

Biden’s migration policies have resulted in millions of people crossing the border each day, with many crossing illegally. The migrants end up miles away from the border, and the buses filled up with these migrants taking them under the government’s protective custody. God knows where and the state departments cannot intervene more than just catching and releasing these migrants. With Texans getting fed up with these illegal migrants’ brazen acts and threatening their security and hardly any media coverage available to alarm the congress, Governor Abbott has stepped in for the people’s support with the “Catch and Jail” rule contrary to Biden’s “Catch and Release,” engaging state departments to secure the borders. This tough-sounding plan is against what the Biden administration has planned for the border, but with crimes on the rise and Texans suffering, somebody had to decide. As it wasn’t Biden, Abbott took the initiative.

Abbott has called out Biden on multiple occasions now to rethink his migration policy. Still, with continuous negligence from his end, Abbott has gone against him for the people of Texas, taking DPS and the Texas Guard on board with explicit orders to arrest any illegal migrant upon encounter and put them in jail with zero exemptions.

But the grim reality still presents itself as to how long they can keep putting them in jail until they have to give them up to federal custody or run out of space in prisons as well. Presumably, there is some pressure on Biden now from the red-state Democrats, but what should’ve taken Biden six minutes to reverse his decision on the Border control has still not been changed even after six months. The Department of Homeland Security is reportedly on the verge of resuming Trump’s successful border policy of deporting any illegal alien who crosses the border.