Ted Cruz Calls For Strong U.S. Support For Israel Against Hamas

In a powerful statement on Friday evening, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) made a call for unwavering U.S. support for Israel as it initiated a ground offensive against Hamas after the terrorist organization carried out brutal attacks against Israel on Oct. 7.

Cruz stated, “There is now only one acceptable policy for the United States: We must ensure that our Israeli allies have all the weapons and all the time they need to utterly eradicate Hamas, for as long as it takes.” 

In response to appeals by the Biden administration for a “humanitarian pause” by Israel to facilitate aid to Gaza, Cruz firmly opposed any form of “appeasement” towards Hamas, emphasizing that the Israeli government has both the right and obligation to safeguard its citizens. “For decades, our Israeli allies have sought to counter Hamas’s terrorism while the international community—including, and far too often, the United States—urged engagement and appeasement,” he went on.

Cruz argued that these approaches have inadvertently emboldened Hamas, compelling Israel to resort to military force and leading to international calls for inconclusive outcomes. “Hamas’s atrocities should put an end to any debates over the viability of such tactics and strategies,” he declared.

The senator also highlighted that Americans were victims of the unprecedented attack Hamas pulled on Israel, which not only claimed over 1,400 lives but also killed over two dozen Americans and took an unknown number hostage. 

“The success of Israel’s operation is vital to the national security of the United States,” he asserted. 

Cruz concluded his statement by warning that a terrorist attack on Americans anywhere in the world poses a threat to Americans everywhere unless deterrence is reestablished by holding those terrorists accountable.

These remarks by Cruz come as concerns grow over President Joe Biden’s reluctance to make a strong commitment to support Israel as he did with Ukraine. Cruz expressed Biden-related concerns during an interview with Fox News’ Sean Hannity on Tuesday, where he contended that Israel faces greater jeopardy due to President Joe Biden’s policies. 

“Israel is at greater jeopardy, much greater jeopardy because of Joe Biden and the Democrats. America is in greater jeopardy because of Joe Biden and the Democrats, and your family and my family are in greater jeopardy because of Joe Biden and the Democrats,” he emphasized.