Teachers Union Manipulates Education Polling to Hide Popular Support for Republicans

When a poll recently conducted by a major teachers union did not turn out to favor the Democrats’ approach to education policy, the group simply twisted the poll to be more politically acceptable to its radical progressive leadership.

The poll was funded by the American Federation of Teachers (AFT), which is the nation’s second-largest teachers union. The results show that a 46% plurality of voters in several key swing states plan to vote for Republican senators and governors in this year’s November elections. It also indicated that 47% of respondents indicated they would prefer a Republican-led Congress.

A poll memo prepared by Democrat pollsters at Hart Research massaged the results and advised the AFT to lay blame on Republicans for “politicizing education.”

Even though the poll shows that Republicans have made huge inroads on the traditional advantage enjoyed by Democrats in education issues, Hart Research claims that public trust in the GOP is low. They point to the one point lead Democrats hold, 39% to 38%, over Republicans in public trust on education. That margin has traditionally been much larger for Democrats.

Notorious AFT president Randi Weingarten used the spin suggested by the pollsters during her speech at this year’s union convention. She said that Republicans would rather “stoke grievances than solve problems.”

Weingarten added that the GOP should be helping kids, “not making it harder with their culture wars and division.”

Even though she worked tirelessly to keep American schools shut down during the COVID-19 pandemic and continues to promote the teaching of critical race theory, she shamelessly used the language recommended by the pollsters. She claimed that Democrats are more focused on investing in schools than “banning books and censoring curriculums.”

She urged parents and teachers to vote against politicians focused on “culture wars” and “injecting division into our classrooms.” She claimed that Democrats are primarily interested in literacy, mental health resources, and reducing class sizes.

The corporate media also predictably spun the polling data as favorably for teachers unions and Democrats as possible. An NBC News article claimed that the poll provided support for a campaign to convince voters that “Republicans are wrong on cultural issues.”

An MSNBC writer claimed that the poll presents Democrats with a prime opportunity to “stop hiding and start fighting” the GOP on things like “teaching racial issues in school.”

The poll indicated that only 24% of voters believe that “preparing students to be comfortable and successful in diverse settings and workplaces” is in the top four areas of importance in education.