Tax Dollars Used To Bring In Gen Z Voters

Joe Biden used his executive power as president to spend taxpayer funds for the benefit of Democratic candidates in the recently completed midterm elections. He used Federal Work Study programs to pay American college students to run voter registration campaigns that helped his party win elections.

American Accountability Foundation president Thomas Jones spoke with The Federalist for a report on the program. He said the use of public funds in the way they were spent leads to questions of “whether this is legal or not.”

The Biden administration told colleges and universities receiving federal funding in April that they are obligated by the Higher Education Act of 1965 to make a “good faith effort” to make voter registration forms “widely available” to students.

Biden’s Office of Postsecondary Education assistant secretary Michelle Asha Cooper expanded that mandate to tell schools they should use federal work-study funds to pay students to “support voter registration activities.”

Work-study funds are intended to allow students to work part-time on campus to help them defer tuition expenses. Previously, using taxpayer funds to pay for off-campus political activities had not been allowed.

Cooper wrote a directive that contradicted previous practice, telling schools they may compensate students for “Federal Work Study employment involving voter registration activities that take place on or off-campus.”

Cooper also instructed schools to become more directly involved in elections by providing space for polling locations and ballot drop boxes. She instructed school administrators to coordinate their efforts with local election officials.

Jones said the new use of the federal work program is “problematic” and is an obvious plan to “harvest young liberal votes.’

The use of taxpayer money in the work-study registration scheme was just part of the use of a variety of leftist political groups to gather Democratic votes using college students.

Senior Obama advisor Valerie Jarrett heads up Civic Nation, a tax-free nonprofit organization. The group’s mission statement says it was formed to “create a more inclusive, equitable America.” One of Civic Nation’s programs is the “ALL IN Campus Democracy Challenge,” which was designed for the purpose of pressing colleges to increase voting among students. The program claims to be nonpartisan, but its messaging mirrors exactly Democrat Party talking points provided to candidates.

It remains to be seen if the Republican Party has learned important lessons from its underwhelming performance in the 2022 midterms. It appears that the GOP is currently failing to engage Democrats on the battlefield for young voters in a meaningful way.