Taliban Taps Terrorist Wanted By FBI For New Government

A senior leader of Al-Qaeda and the most wanted person on the FBI’s list, Sirajuddin Haqqani, has been appointed as a cabinet member of the new Afghanistan Government by the Taliban. Haqqani was involved in the 2008 bombing in Kabul that killed a US citizen, Thor Hesla. The Federal Authorities want him, and the bounty on his head is $5 million.

The State Department has announced the massive bounty on any information leading to his arrest. Still, the Taliban’s spokesperson recently named the terrorist as the interior minister in the new cabinet. Haqqani will now be overlooking the country’s internal situations, which means he will be having a considerable representation in the government while the FBI announces bounty for information on him. As if they don’t already know where he’s at.

After the Qatar talks with US officials, Taliban demands were highlighted in an op-ed authored by Haqqani and published in The New York Times in 2020. He also ensured that his organization would work to uphold the standards of rights of Afghan citizens and establish mutual respect with the foreign powers. Still, his actions went in complete contradiction to his claims. There were reports of the atrocities against the Afghans in the country committed by his organization, which involved the Afghan allies to the US. Though the op-ed ran for four months, it was replaced by harsh editorials by Senator Tom Cotton that put the Black journalist in danger as he urged the state to go after riots quelling violence during the summer. But none of The New York Times employees had any issue with publishing an op-ed by the terrorist because apparently, it did not put any American citizen at risk.

Muhammad Akhund, the US-sanctioned terrorist, will now be leading the newly installed Afghanistan government as the Prime Minister. In the 2020 report of the United Nations Security Council, they stated that while the Taliban’s were establishing peaceful negotiations with the US, they remained in contact with Al-Qaeda, and now in 2021, one of the leading Al-Qaeda leaders is going to become a cabinet member despite being wanted by the FBI says a lot about the Taliban’s occupation of Afghanistan and the severe threat to their rights with a lot more of them also having a spot on the terror list.