Take A Look At The Charmer Leading The Aggressive New Migrant Caravan, Counting On ‘Joe Biden’s Incompetence’

On a tide of ‘God is on our side’ messianism and crusader-like, ‘we are ready for battle’ exhortations, Irineo Mujica is heading an aggressive new caravan into the United States. The “mother of all caravans,” called by Mexican President Felipe Ortega, is not as large as previously reported in the media. This time, he appears to have attracted between 1,500 and 5,000 would-be illegals to his caravan, almost all of whom appear to be military-aged young males. No single mothers were pushing their infants in fancy designer strollers in front of the cameras, as had been the case in the past.

Mujica is a far-leftist on a mission to “conquer” the United States a la Aztlan. He has led caravans, including the first large one in 2018 near the border of San Diego. He ran across President Trump’s determination not to let them pass, and his actions resulted in the ‘remain in Mexico’ asylum policy.

The migrants set up a filthy refugee camp in a residential area, prompting Tijuana residents to complain. Seasonal rains exacerbated the situation, followed by sicknesses and hunger, then out-of-control criminality, and eventually, many people boarded the Mexican-sponsored free bus journeys back to Honduras. Mujica wreaked havoc on Tijuana’s humanitarian situation before cutting himself off and abandoning the refugees. At least once, Mexican authorities apprehended him and charged him with extorting money from migrants and human trafficking, but the allegations did not appear to stick. On the other hand, his name still stinks among many migrants, thanks to his false promises, and word goes around.

Irineo Mujica, the caravan’s leader in Tapachula, told independent journalist Oscar El Blue that the Biden administration’s immigration policy is ineffective. While former President Trump tightened immigration controls, resulting in a considerable reduction in migrant influxes, his handling of the matter was at least predictable. They don’t know what to expect from Biden. He appears to have no idea what he’s talking about regarding immigration since he says one thing and does another. There is nothing unique Joe Biden has done. He pledged immigration reform but has yet to follow through.

While Mujica is a false prophet of open borders, he now finds himself up against an even more giant fake in the White House. He made the mistake of thinking Trump was a paper tiger, and he got his just desserts. But now that he knows Joe Biden is a Paper Tiger, he’s using that as a selling point.