“Suicide”: MSNBC Guest Warns Democrats Are Destroying Themselves By Embracing AOC And Far-Left

While making an appearance on Morning Joe on Monday, MSNBC’s frequent guest and marketing strategist Don Deutsch did not hold back on his contempt for the Democratic party’s direction. According to him, if they pursue their current path dominated by leftist radicals, the only path left for them would be to run Donald Trump because anyone else in the race will take a terrible fall.

The Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough also seems to agree with Deutsch when he said that if Ron DeSantis was to run against Biden in 2024, then he can easily win with double digits and as Scarborough added, the Democrats are going through their worst phase ever as they astray from the reality of America and we guess he is referring to the immigration policy or the Build Back Better agenda which is set to strip the pockets of Americans from within. The Build Back Better plan has already sparked unrest among the Democrats as they embrace more and more radical leftists. They are only poisoning the party from within.

Deutsch stated that he lives on the upper east side of Manhattan and while most of his neighbors, including himself, voted Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, but there are not a lot of Biden voters and only Anti-Trump voters. According to him, Biden does not have his heart and mind in the country, so it is easy for those within to crumble the politics. So before the far left becomes a threat for the Democrats, they need to introduce some new faces and understand that the world exists just a slight right from the center and in a good year, maybe a little left from the center.

Democrats need to find their way to the center after being dragged to the left and take hold of their party if they want to make it to 2024.