Street Racing Ends Tragically As Pennsylvania Trooper Fatally Shoots Teen

A tragic incident happened in Philadelphia in the early hours of Sunday morning, resulting in the death of an 18-year-old. The Pennsylvania State Police reported that Anthony Allegrini Jr. was fatally shot by an officer after he hit two troopers with his car during the chaotic incident which happened around 3:30 a.m. on Interstate 95.

According to authorities, state police officers were dispatched to the interstate highway when they found several cars unlawfully obstructing the roadway as drivers performed “burnouts” and “drifting,” with a large crowd spectating. Police say they had received reports of gunfire in the area.

As the officers tried to approach Allegrini’s car, it struck two troopers. In response, one officer fired at the teenager, resulting in his death on the scene. The officers involved in the accident did not sustain any serious injuries, as reported by NBC News.

According to Anthony’s girlfriend, Reagan Hocking, Anthony’s girlfriend, he had left home around 10 p.m. the previous evening for a “car meet-up”. Things started to feel odd when he did not respond to her calls, which she says was unusual for him.

Hocking, along with Allegrini’s parents, were devastated to find their lover and son’s body covered with a tarp at the scene.

The situation grew more complex as video footage surfaced of the incident. One clip showed a state trooper pointing a gun at a passing vehicle. Another showed the aftermath, with an officer near a police vehicle and a body on the roadway. 

There are reports that witnesses claim Anthony was shot three times by the troopers, but police have not yet confirmed the number of shots fired as they have been quiet, leaving the bereaved with more questions than answers.

As Hocking struggled to make sense of the sad incident, she lamented over Allegrini’s unexpected death. “He was just such a beautiful soul. He would always listen to any adult figure that would come up to him. He was always so respectful. He would never be disrespectful to anyone,” she said speaking to Fox 29.

In response to the incident, authorities have condemned the illegal street racing that took place that night. Mayor Jim Kenney stated that such “reckless and aggressive behavior” “cannot and will not be tolerated. Dangerous actions like these put everyone in our city at risk, especially our officers who work hard to keep our residents safe. This is unacceptable.”