Stacey Abrams Is Lying About Her Reaction To The 2018 Governor’s Race

In 2018, Georgia Democrat Stacey Abrams ran to be governor. Despite campaigning against then-GOP candidate Brian Kemp, Abrams didn’t win the election. However, she never conceded.

Abrams and many of her left-wing supporters claimed she was the legitimate winner in Georgia’s 2018 race. They even claimed that Kemp’s victory was a result of nothing more than voter suppression, despite lacking any concrete evidence to support this.

Now, once again, Abrams is running against Kemp in the hopes of becoming governor. With Abrams’ reaction to 2018’s race now coming back to haunt her, the Georgia Democrat is trying to rewrite history.

Lies From Abrams About Georgia’s 2018 Election
This week, Abrams went on The View in order to promote and discuss her current campaign for the Georgia governor’s mansion. During this time, the Democratic candidate was asked about her not “traditionally” admitting she lost the last governor’s race.

To this end, Abrams pushed back, claiming she didn’t deny not winning the election. The Georgia Democrat then followed up by saying she’s not “delusional” and is aware that she’s not living in the state’s governor’s mansion.

Unfortunately, for Abrams, though, she’s on video saying she “won” the Georgia governor’s race in 2018. However, Abrams tried to twist this around by saying her comments about winning referred to turning out a greater percentage of voters than previous elections saw.

Poor Optics
Since going on The View and making outrightly false claims about her reaction to Georgia’s 2018 governor’s race, Abrams has been slammed online as a liar.

This scandal comes amid other issues facing Abrams, notably with Democrats worried about how she’s doing in the race so far. Meanwhile, Kemp’s team has maintained that he beat Abrams four years ago and will do so again in November.

Various polls have shown Abrams trailing Kemp. In light of this, political operatives speculate the Georgia Democrat is having a hard time truly building rapport with the people of her state.

At least part of this may be due to Abrams’ previous comments about Georgia being the “worst state” for anyone to live in.

Kemp, on the other hand, is relying on his record as governor to play a pivotal role in him defeating Abrams yet again.