Soft-On-Crime Policies Backfire on NY Residents

Within the past few years, various communities across the United States have made adjustments in how they deal with criminals. Some of the adjustments, unfortunately, involved cutting down bail rates and cutting offenders loose when they commit certain crimes.

This has not panned out well for overall safety in the country. In fact, there is a direct link between soft-on-crime policies and the rise in lawlessness being observed in multiple communities.

Republicans warned left-wing officials that upticks in crime would happen if offenders weren’t appropriately dealt with by the legal system. Yet, these warnings fell on deaf ears.

Now, in New York, a prime example of what Republicans warned about has come to life.

More Crime in the Empire State
On Wednesday, 32-year-old Donny Ubiera ended up being sent to prison for waving around a knife in front of police officers.

The charges he faced were reckless endangerment, along with criminal possession of a controlled substance and a weapon. Yet, one day after being locked up, he was subsequently released from prison on Thursday.

To say Ubiera’s release from prison backfired would be an understatement. Within 24 hours, on Friday, the 32-year-old man ended up slashing and stabbing two different people. The knife attacks were carried out against one man’s face and another man’s neck.

Following these slashings, law enforcement once again arrested Ubiera. This time, he was hit with charges of weapons possession, attempted murder, and assault.

Ubiera’s rap sheet history is quite extensive. He’s previously had run-ins with the law for shoplifting, assaults at homeless shelters, and threatening people with weapons. The two men attacked by Ubiera are getting medical care and should make full recoveries.

A Cautionary Tale
The story of Donny Ubiera is a prime example of what happens when city and state officials do not have tough laws on the books to hold criminals accountable. If Ubiera had not been released from prison after brandishing his knife in front of police officers, he wouldn’t have been able to slash or stab other innocent New Yorkers.

The Empire State and other communities with lax laws on the books have some real decisions to make.

They can stick with these laws and doom more law-abiding people to be attacked, or they can get serious and put in place some serious reforms that bring back the idea of punishing criminals to prevent crime.