So-Called Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill Stalls As Sen. Bill Hagerty Leads Opposition

The new bipartisan infrastructure package has recently made headlines, not just for its violation of the fourth amendment or its exorbitant price tag but also for the bill’s lack of transparency and thought process.

Senator Bill Hagerty (R-TN) has been vocal, and more should come out against it as well. The spending of the Democratic party is outrageous, and if it doesn’t stop, inflation is going to rise to a point we’ve never seen before. Hagerty told the Washington Times that he isn’t comfortable voting on a bill that he hasn’t had an opportunity to dig through. The Democrats have said in the past that they wouldn’t pass bills that they weren’t able to read, and now they’re putting bills forward that hasn’t been read.

Chuck Schumer (D-NY) says, “We very much want to finish this important bill. We can get this done the easy way or the hard way.”

Well, Chuck, let’s do it the hard way. No reason to budge on budgets when inflation is coming our way and coming fast.

Hagerty told Fox Business, “I was sent there to protect the taxpayer interest, and that’s exactly what I’m going to do here.”

Spending in the government has to have a balanced review of the after-effects. Half of the bill hasn’t been paid for, and there is still $80 billion of Covid relief that hasn’t been spent. If the Democrats want to push through a bill, they need to trim it down considerably. The taxpayer will suffer at the hands of irresponsibility if they continue to throw statements out there that negatively affect our taxes.

Hagerty is standing on principle by defying the bill. He’s loyal not only to the people of Tennessee but to the entire country. No other politician is raising questions about the statement, and many Republicans are supporting it. It goes to question why?

Hagerty said, “I knew I would have a tough job coming into the United States Senate. I saw the threat coming toward America coming from the socialist radical policies that the left put out. I realize now it’s going to be lonely too, but I’m here to represent the people of Tennessee and look after their best interests, and that’s precisely what I intend to do.”

“It’s billed as infrastructure, but only a quarter of it is what you or I would call infrastructure, David. I’m talking about roads, bridges, highways. Things that have a return on investment for taxpayers.”

Hagerty is correct in his statement. The bill would expand payments from drivers and add a “per-mile tax” to drivers. If that doesn’t sound fair, it isn’t. Not only that, but the bill gives vehicle manufacturers three years to add blood alcohol tests to their vehicles. It is against your fourth amendment right, and I’ll explain why.

Drivers have won many court cases because law enforcement has taken blood alcohol samples without a warrant or consent. The courts have concluded that it’s a requirement to take a blood sample, which the blood alcohol level is. Hince, the word blood. For the government to mandate vehicle manufacturers test your blood alcohol level is unconstitutional and a violation of rights because there is no warrant and consent, isn’t given. Now, if you buy a vehicle, isn’t that consent? If it were a manufacturer’s choice, then yes. But there would be no new vehicle sold in the United States that didn’t have this feature and would therefore be unconstitutional. Thanks, big government.

So, let me clear things up. Fuel prices are rising, vehicle prices are rising, grocery prices are rising, and now the government wants to tax you per mile you drive? Do you believe it will spark an uprising? Perhaps.

It is the most ridiculous bill that has ever been put forward.