Skittles Faces Backlash For Woke Candy Campaign

In a surprising move that has stirred up controversy, Mars, the parent company of the candy brand Skittles, has ventured into a partnership that some critics are comparing to Bud Light’s ill-fated campaign. 

The Gay Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation joined forces with Skittles to create a “Pride” packaging, featuring messages supporting the LGBTQ agenda on candy packages.

Social media has been buzzing with photographs of the bold marketing campaign since Friday as a snapshot shared by the Libs of TikTok account showcases figures skateboarding on a ramp adorned with messages like “Black Trans Lives Matter” and “Joy is Resistance.” Another package featured in the Daily Mail displayed the message “Be Generous With Your Love.”

Critics have drawn parallels between this marketing stunt and the Bud Light campaign in which the beer company collaborated with transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney. The campaign had cost Anheuser-Busch a huge decline in sales, leading to significant financial losses and a drop in stock valuation.

Warning that Mars could be headed down a similar path, a Twitter user stated, “Mars is about to get the Bud Light treatment. Going woke lost Bud Light’s parent company Anheuser-Busch billions in market cap.”

Amid the uproar, some have voiced calls for a boycott of the candy brand. Concerns have been raised about the impact of such messages on a product heavily marketed to children, with one tweet pointing out that such woke move coming from Mars “is worse” than it coming from a beer company.

“People can do as they please, but when they get into the indoctrination business, it’s time for them to be canceled,” the user, who claims to be the “last non-communist in California” stated.

“This isn’t an Adult Beverage, Like Bud Light They Warned us They Were Coming After Our Kids- Let’s Make Sure They Hear Our Response Loud and Clear On This One Skittles- And Share,” another user wrote.

Skittles’ partnership with GLAAD marks its fourth consecutive year of supporting the LGBTQ agenda. In 2020, the brand ditched its colorful packaging and candies for black and white in a bid to “give the rainbow back” to the Pride movement. 

Additionally, the brand pledged to donate one dollar to GLAAD from each package sold, with a cap of $100,000.

As the candy company’s decision sparks huge backlash among netizens, the question remains whether this bold move will truly result in financial setbacks akin to Bud Light’s ill-fated campaign. Only time will tell if Mars will emerge unscathed or if history will repeat itself with a conservative backlash against woke marketing and indoctrination of children.