Shortage in Baby Formula Causing Serious Issues

With each passing day, the various reports of a possible recession don’t seem like much of a stretch. Americans today are confronted with various economic problems that just aren’t going away.

Inflation has not been “transitory,” despite repeated claims to the contrary from the Biden administration. For about one year now, higher prices have been persistently an issue for Americans who are barely getting by.

As time passes, more issues appear to grow. One of the most pressing issues for so many people nationwide is shortages in much-needed supplies.

In the case of parents, baby formula shortages are triggering immense stress and angst, according to The Blaze.

What to Know About Baby Formula Shortages
It goes without saying that baby formula is a necessity for parents of very small children. In states like Texas, Tennessee, North Dakota, South Dakota, Missouri, and Iowa, a lack of baby formula is extremely common.

One mother from Tennessee, Wynter Balthrop, is having an especially hard time with these shortages. Balthrop’s daughter is eight-months-old and relies upon a very specific brand of baby formula.

After exhausting all options to get the necessary baby formula for her daughter, Balthrop tried giving her the generic brand. This led to her daughter having serious stomach problems, which was naturally upsetting to Balthrop.

This Tennessee mother is not alone. A lack of such a critical supply is very much a problem for parents and their babies who rely on this formula to survive.

In some cases, people who are able to find baby formula are now hoarding it or buying as much as they can to avoid being without it. Of course, this makes it harder for other people who may be seeking baby formula for their own small children.

More Shortages on the Horizon?
Sadly, for all the problems that baby formula shortages are causing, there are similar problems coming soon, if they’re not already here.

As companies face shortages in staffing, many are turning to robots to handle the tasks that people would normally be responsible for. This is already happening with BurgerFi and Chipotle.

Then, there are the food shortages that Biden conceded would be coming to America. It goes without saying that a lack of food is one of the worst issues a nation can be up against.

With baby formula shortages and other similar problems either here or on the way, there’s no word from the White House. This administration is instead trying to redirect Americans’ attention to infrastructure, while also passing new legislation for Ukraine.