Shortage In Amoxicillin Causes Panic For Parents

Due to increased demand during the early and already booming sick season, there is a shortage in amoxicillin production. According to the FDA and several manufacturers of the medication, it has been a record-breaking year in respiratory illnesses.

Unfortunately for parents, the shortage is causing panic and difficulty at the pharmacy. Many pharmacies have an insufficient supply, and when they get the medication in, it goes fast due to long wait times. Many parents wait 1-2 weeks to get their children the prescribed medicine. President Biden’s administration has not addressed or alleviated the situation yet.

Associate director of pharmacy service at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, Crystal Tubbs, says that it’s possible that COVID-19 plagued nearly every supply chain industry. Further, shortages can occur by domino effects caused by missing raw materials needed to manufacture the drug, logistics interruptions or interruptions at the manufacturer’s facility.

The Daily Mail reports that this problem is critical and suggests declaring a state of emergency to alleviate pediatric practices. It is worth noting that needlessly isolating children from others due to the pandemic reduced natural immunity to each other. Now that kids are all in school together, problematic respiratory illness is rising.

The shortage may continue through early 2023. In the meantime, there are some alternatives to amoxicillin. Alternatives do have more side effects, such as an upset stomach. However, they may be the next best thing in saving a child from a respiratory infection gone awry. If your pharmacy can’t access the medication promptly, always follow up with the doctor for the next best steps.

President Biden did not handle the baby formula shortage well. There is still a question on whether the administration will address this shortage.