Sen. Murphy Proposes Defunding The Police

In the aftermath of the Colorado Springs shooting at an LGBTQ+ nightclub, Democrats have been pushing their gun control agenda. But Sunday, Senator Christ Murphy (D-CT) took a different leftist agenda to CNN’s “State of the Union.” Murphy believes that the federal government should defund police who aren’t abiding by state and national gun laws.

On November 19, a man identifying with the LGBTQ+ community killed five people with an assault weapon at a nightclub. Before his identity was made known to the public, the leftist narrative was that the shooter must have been a homophobic Trump supporter. The narrative quickly shifted once attorneys revealed that the shooter identified as non-binary. When tragedy strikes, it is not uncommon for the left to start pushing gun control agendas, which is precisely what has been happening for the last week.

When CNN’s Dana Bash interviewed Murphy on Sunday, he had a different but familiar stance on the issue of gun violence. Murphy condemned counties in Colorado for declaring a status of “Second Amendment Sanctuaries.” He argued that counties participating as sanctuaries somehow avoid federal and state laws. But even though Colorado participates in red flag laws, the Colorado shooting does not prove that what he says is true.

In 2019, Colorado Governor Jared Polis signed a red flag law that allows the temporary removal of firearms to those that may pose a risk to society. The law was effective in 2020, but it also came with a process that requires paperwork and some forms of proof. The public and the left are aware that the Colorado Springs shooter was allegedly involved in a kidnapping and violent threat to family members in 2021. Still, the truth is that there is minimal documentation for that occurrence.

The suspect’s family did not want to proceed with pressing charges, and he was never prosecuted. According to the red flag law, law enforcement usually does begin the petition process. But there has to be documentation, and the family did not want to cooperate in the Colorado shooter’s case. With no cooperation from the alleged victims, police can not file anything because there is no paperwork or “grounds” to turn in to a judge for approval.
Murphy would have the public believe that the counties in Colorado are just making a declaration not to enforce state and federal gun laws, but this is not the case. While he did acknowledge that President Joe Biden’s preferred solution of banning assault weapons is unattainable, he did say, “I think we have to have a conversation about whether we can continue to fund law enforcement in these states where they’re refusing to implement these gun laws.” Murphy has been an outspoken gun reform advocate throughout his career. In 2020, he called the end of federal funding for the police too. This is very clearly a leftist narrative and political push.