Sen. John Kennedy Makes It Crystal Clear Just How Much Biden Destroyed Our Southern Border

According to Martin Walsh, Republican John Kennedy of Louisiana cracked a joke on how poorly the Biden administration messes up the border problem. During a Fox News interview, Kennedy was questioned about the border situation and quipped that anyone in the Biden administration who was a genius was merely a visitor. Additionally, Biden’s actions are also considered crimes against nature and intelligence, according to him, for mainly two reasons.

  1. It is an outrageous waste of taxpayer money. While Senate Republicans are trying to pass a paid-for infrastructure bill, America could spend the $2 billion that he is wasting to overlay about 1,600 miles of four-lane highways.
  2. Border barriers are essential in terms of border security. There is a reason why Saudi Arabia has a 500-mile border wall with Iraq, and there is a reason Israel has a 400-mile border wall. Moreover, North and South Korea have a border wall. Similarly, why does France have a border wall in Bulgaria, and why do Morocco’s border walls function?

The joke is that he believes no one intelligent working at the Department of Homeland Security in the Biden Administration. They are wrecking the southern border, where over a million migrants have already rushed through this year while simultaneously prohibiting American citizens from traveling internationally. The borders are wide open, and states from all across the country are sending assistance to the wall, and the Border States themselves are sending aid to the Border States to assist them in stopping the bleeding. It is an absolute disaster, and the Biden administration has failed miserably in its duty to defend the United States.